I love food.

15 04 2010

In the kitchen. I am free. I am alive.

And according to my partner, I am messy. The “messy cook” gene comes from my mom. Our cookie baking days bring back memories of me chasing her around the kitchen – tiny apron wrapped around me – putting away spices, containers, butter, etc… I never understood why she couldn’t just put things away as she cooked.

I’ve developed the “messy cook” syndrome. Too busy cooking and worried about getting all the ingredients ready before the pot boils over. Before the roast is done while the potatoes still need to cook. While the guests are arriving and I’m frantically still trying to get dinner ready.

I like being a messy cook. It’s carefree. Spontaneous. Enlightening.

I recently cooked for my Manitoba-living partner and made an absolute mess of his kitchen. He was too busy eating to notice for once.

This amazing recipe is courtesy of a favourite magazine of mine: Fine Cooking. Great website as well.

Chinese Egg Noodles with Five-Spice Pork (Courtesy of Fine Cooking, March 2010)

Recipe Suggestions: I would avoid using the oil – the bacon fat does the trick. I like sauce, so I doubled all the saucy ingredients. Don’t omit the Chinese 5-Spice. Go out and buy it! It’s now a staple in my cupboard. Oh and add broccoli and a ton of peanuts.




One response

28 04 2010
K Gwen

What fun, Suzanne! And a great idea, this blog of yours. ‘I love food’ is nicely sprinkled with your memory of helping out while honing a yen for culinary delights. I’ll be back for more!

gurgle, grumble…

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